Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another "Straw Man" Argument -- This Time it's the JFK Assassination

I have been a student and critic of the Warren Report's version of the JFK Assassination for well over 40 years (which report, by the way, resulted in my first dose of healthy skepticism about the workings of our government). I've even taken two trips to Dealy Plaza in Dallas to check it out for myself.

Consequently I tend to read everything about it that I can lay my hands on. Or lay my eyes on, when it comes to the Internets.

I even have a personalized Google News search for news about the assassination. And that's where I ran across something by a guy named Massimo Polidoro posted on the seemingly otherwise reality-based Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website.

In it, Polidoro sets up a perfect "straw man" argument about the path of the so-called Magic Bullet, also known as Commission Exhibit 399. He even includes diagrams that supposedly illustrate (1) the Warren Report critics' alleged account of the path of the bullet, and (2) the supposedly "true" path, as posited by Warren Report enabler and notable suckass idiot Gerald Posner, among others.

Yeah, looks good. Unfortunately the only problem with it is that is lacking a three-dimensional perspective. Go ahead and take a look at the graphic of Posner's (and consequently Polidoro's) "hypothetical" trajectory of the Magic Bullet. It's two dimensional; if you put it into three dimensions, then the bullet has to take another, different, magical turn -- upward and then downward on exit. And that's a trajectory question that people like Posner and his surrogate, Polidoro, can't answer. CE 399 would have had to take a midair turn upward and then downward after exiting JFK's throat in order to inflict Connolly's wounds.

Connolly could not have sustained the wounds that he did without that happening.

BTW, I don't have any kind of a "pet theory" on the JFK Assassination. The only thing that I'm convinced of is that the government lied to us when it published the Warren Report, and that the true facts surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy will probably never be known.

Most of the dozens of conflicting theories about the assassination (e.g., The government did it; Rogue elements of the CIA did it; Castro did it; The KGB did it; The Mafia did it, etc. etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum), which in most cases are mutually exclusive, have been fabricated out of whole cloth by those who do not want the truth to be known. It's easy enough to muddy the waters to the point where the casual observer will throw up his/her hands in disgust, with a "pox upon both your houses" attitude.

And that's what the ones who were truly responsible for the JFK assassination are counting on.

I used to think that eventually the facts would come out and that the world would finally know what really happened in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Now I'm resigned to the conclusion that the truth most likely will forever remain hidden.

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