Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We've Found the Pimple on Limbaugh's Ass -- It's Tom Tancredo

Some interesting news from Buzzflash today: Bottom-feeding-tier presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R-Chickenhawk), congressman out of Colorado, was eligible to serve in Vietnam but didn't go.

Tancredo, a war-hawk on Iraq and a drum-beater on Iran, apparently was no different when it came to Vietnam: He supported the war way back then, but he didn't have to go fight it, either.

The reason: Tancredo had been treated for "depression" when he was a teenager and was classified 1-Y by his draft board.

Getting a 1-Y classification was not the same as 4-F, but it was almost a golden parachute. For a long time I was classified 1-Y myself, but I had to keep reporting, on a regular and frequent basis, for draft physicals until they finally got tired of seeing me, reclassified me 1-A and drafted my ass.

The point being that a 1-Y pretty much kept you from getting drafted until the condition was corrected -- or corrected itself.

So Tancredo -- like Limbaugh -- was a chickenhawk who was happy to cheer us on from the sidelines, but wasn't so gung ho that he was willing to enlist and go to Vietnam.

Incidentally, back in the day, a 1-Y classification kept you from actually being drafted, but the vast majority of those 1-Ys were for conditions that, like Limbaugh's ass pimple, would not have prevented you from enlisting in the service. Especially the army, who would take you as long as you were room temperature, regardless of your draft status.

And, as one of the commenters on the Buzzflash story says, if Tom Eagleton was "unfit" for the vice-presidency way back in '72 because he had been treated for depression, why is Tancredo now suitable to be president, having been treated for the same thing?

The answer: Because Rethugs have absolutely no problem with their own hypocrisy.


Unknown said...

Excellent points, but you should know that Tancredo is a Representative, not a Senator. And the other good news is that he isn't running for re-election for his seat. So either way, he'll be looking for a job. Maybe he can get a job picking fruit.

Farnsworth68 said...

Yikes! My bad. It's changed to "congressman" now, and thanks for the correction. Unlike blogs (or news stories, or anything else, really) on The Right, I've found that most of us out here in Left Blogistan actually strive for accuracy, and we're more than happy to make a corrrection, if someone points out an error.
Thanks again.
--The F Man

Zippity-dew-daw said...

I FOIA'ed Limbaugh's Selective Service Record, and he has a lot of explaining to do about his so-called "College Day's!"
He didn't receive a 4-f until Feb of '72 but his Draft Record has many unanswered questions about his status as a student after high school, plus the records explaining why he was rated 1-Y are missing along with his 4-F Rating Records!

Anonymous said...

That headline would make one damn fine bumper sticker...

Farnsworth68 said...

Yes, it would.
I encourage anyone who wants a bumper sticker with this -- or anything else -- on it to drop by Bumperstickers.com and make one up.
The usual disclaimers apply: I don't own stock, don't have a relative, etc. I'm just a happy customer. I have a couple of stickers on my Jeep that I had made there, including this one.

Unknown said...

LOL @ that bin Laden sticker. :D