Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google and the Government -- Watch Out

I guess the illegal wiretaps and email intercepts and covert suveillance weren't enough. Now the BFEE Department of inJustice has issued a subpoena to Internet search giant Google ordering them to cough up one million random web addresses and -- here's the important part -- a record of all Google searches for a one-week period.

So what are they looking for? Al Qaeda sleeper cells? Nope. For people looking for the plans to make a dirty bomb? Nope. How about the formula for cooking up methamphetamine? Nope.

Give up?

Pornography. They want to know what "pornography searches" people are conducting. Like this is the most pressing of all possible problems facing this country. Jesus Christ, we have people in our own country dying because they can't afford health care, children going without food and shelter, soldiers being murdered in Iraq, lobbyists literally buying congressmen, and all they can think of is fucking pornography?

These people have some real issues. We did know that, of course, way back when AG Slashcroft covered up those nakedly disgusting female breasts on that DOJ statue, and sadly that fundamentalist quasi-Xian narrow-minded neo-Puritan non-philosophy is still running rampant through the echoing halls of the Imperial Palace.

Google, to its credit, is resisting this unnecessarily invasive governmental intrusion.

It had better, seeing as how it's already on the privacy hotseat for prior questionable practices. We can only wait and watch, to see if they ultimately cave in and crawl on their bellies like whipped dogs to avoid the lash of the Imperial Storm Troopers.

This one is all over the Internet -- watch it and see what happens. This could be a watershed event in the world of privacy protection.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are doing a process of elmination? Maybe by finding out who was surfing for porn they know who isn't a terrorist? ((refering to the joke about sitting out side your house with a six pack of beer while the women walk out naked to find the terrorist sleeper cell; as they don't drink and nudity is a mortal sin for muslims)wait is that our president?))

Yep that must be why they need this important information. So we can stop spying on inocent porno freaks and catch the extreemly evil people!

Unknown said...

Don't get me started. I can't stand this president. He deserves to burn in the hell he believes in.

Farnsworth68 said...

A friend of mine at work has a son-in-law who works for Google, and she told me that she was SO proud of him and his company for standing up to the BFEE.
Sometimes all it takes is just one person (or company) to say NO!
This might be the one.