Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have "Daddy Issues"?

Say it ain't so, daddy!

Yeah, you don't have to be an armchair psychologist to know that, but Ana Marie Cox has the inside dope over at The Daily Beast. It's the inverse of that famous and lasting Republican wet-dream, that Obama suckled on the mother's milk of International Communism from his daddy-surrogate, Frank Davis, flipped on its head and reversed in the mirror.

But if you think it’s even possible that sitting at the knee of Frank Marshall Davis could turn Obama into the Manchurian Candidate, then shouldn’t you care that in the Cruz and Rand households, the ideological indoctrination was intentional, specific, and continued long into adulthood?
Fuck, it's gonna be a long election season. At least we have the early passengers in the Republican Clown Car to laugh at, with the potential for so many more climbing in before, as I say, the adults take over and anoint their fair-haired boy/heir apparent, Jeb Bush. Or, since he thinks he is "Hispanic" (at least when it comes to voting), maybe I should say "Heb" Bush...