Friday, December 16, 2011

Still Alive

I had lunch today with my usual "Friday Posse", one of whom is a faithful reader of this blog. He was concerned by my previous post and wondering if I'd even show up today.

Well, you can all relax. I'm still alive. I'm just taking a break from posting. This will likely last until after the Xmas holidays.

Have a great holiday everyone. And no, as a dedicated foot soldier in the phony Faux News "War on Christmas", I will not wish you a Merry Christmas...


Beach Bum said...

I'm actually a supporter of the Festivus holiday.

Sarge said...

Well, Merry Christmas. I haven't commented on your blog much because I have been caught up with mine -

I met another fucked up kid home from Iraq this week. I helped one before get to the head-doctors at the VA and the family told me to see this other guy. The former soldier has been in bar fight after bar fight after bar fight. The cops got called the last time and he went at them - Not good.
I met him at the jail after talking for a long time with the Sheriff and some weird-ass intake psychologist.
We got him to the VA Hospital and into treatment.

I belong to the largest VFW Post in the World - VFW 1114 and once I move back down to Evansville, Indiana, I intend to get with the VA and help troubled vets.

2014 may see a run for Congress. Bitching and voting/or not voting isn't enough any more. If you are not part of the solution; then you are part of the problem!

Anthony Pitman said...

Well no Merry Christmas from me either ya old fart ha ha. Have a good one and get me some snark up in here to read soon.

Anonymous said...

I read that Bogart hated Beat the Devil. He lost his own money on it and said only weirdos liked it. I did.
Lester Thurow
“No country without a revolution or a military defeat and subsequent occupation has ever experienced such a sharp a shift in the distribution of earnings as America has in the last generation. At no other time have median wages of American men fallen for more than two decades. Never before have a majority of American workers suffered real wage reductions while the per capita domestic product was advancing. d4d