Monday, December 07, 2009

Dodging the Bullet

After many years of laughing in the face of my own mortality, I've finally got my comeuppance. Last Friday I experienced what is being referred to by the medical authorities as a "mild stroke".

Being the master of denial that I am, I of course ignored all the warning signs and went out for my usual Friday lunch of beer and kielbasa, until it all got to be too much to ignore -- the slurred speech, the inability to keep the sausage in the roll or the food in my mouth, etc, and I decided that something may be amiss.

So I went to the hospital and told them I thought I was having a stroke. Actually I said something like "Ahthikkamavashtroke"... but they apparently are expertly bilingual when it comes to these things and checked me in with alacrity.

After a tiring weekend in the hospital (who can get any sleep when nurses descend on you like the hordes of Atilla every two hours to take your blood pressure and your blood and shoot you full of stuff, including shots in both arms and in your stomach? Had they left all those needles in, I would now be doing a credible impression of a sick porcupine) I am home.

I am basically okay, except for a slightly sagging mouth and eyelid on my left side, a bit of slurred speech, and some noticeable -- and annoying -- lack of coordination in my left hand. Typing of course is very challenging, which is why I'm taking a break from blogging for a while.

Don't worry about me. She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is already planning the lifestyle changes for me which have been necessitated for my by this "unfortunate incident", and signs are good for a complete -- or nearly so -- recovery. See you next year.


Anonymous said...

Take care Farnsworth68. Do what your doctors and she-who-must-be-obeyed tell you to do. See you next year!

NM Roadrunner

Katy said...

Best of luck to you, and more importantly, to She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. It takes strong character to stand up to and prevail over a stubborn man. Heh.

Get well soon, I'll miss your blogging enormously.


Hey, F-Man enjoy your family and the holidays you deserve it. Take care of yourself and do as you are told by SWMBO. We will keep up the good fight. Later,

Anonymous said...

Obey her for sure. The world needs reasonable voices like yours and can't afford to lose even one. Also, do what the medical professionals tell you to do. Feel better.n

Smaug71953 said...

Man, good luck and take care! I had a minor stroke myself in October 2001. Fully recovered now, but had carotid cleaning.

NetAgra said...

Good grief, man! Take care. Once I started doing what they told me I was amazed at the change. Oh, for the better! You follow suit!

Anthony D. Pitman said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to your quick return. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself. I need you to help me stick it to my former neocon Army buddies. Your blogs stop their garbage dead!

De oppresso liber!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you do as you're told. This sort of thing shouldn't happen to our people. I wouldn't miss the Coulters or the Limbaughs, but you I would.

moderate said...

We aren't that young, my friend. Take care of yourself and make a miraculous comeback!

John said...

Good luck to you Farnsworth68, and I hope you're up and about again soon. There's nothing like a mortality reminder bitch-slap from your own sagging body to get you aimed at a healthier lifestyle. Been there. In the meanwhile, enjoy the holidays from this side of the dirt (sardonic grin).

The Truffle said...

Yikes, so sorry to hear that. Take it easy, dude.

nunya said...

Fresh food can be quite tasty and enjoyable once you get used to it. Enjoy the holidays :)

Jae said...

Oh dear...I hope making changes for a healthier lifestyle is easier for you knowing how many care.

I wish you and yours a lovely holiday celebration.

2010 will be better, there's nowhere to go but up....!


Anonymous said...

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Sue J said...

Feel better soon!

Seeing Eye Chick said...

You make it all sound so mild, like you found a splinter in your foot. You really missed your calling.

Glad you made it through and I look forward to your full recovery.